Our Technology

Our Bees and Hives

In essence, the Apitronics platform is a network of sensors, or bees, that govern the intake of environmental inputs. The information is sent wirelessly to a local hive deployed on-site or directly to our cloud hive. The hive, whether it is on the ground or in the cloud provides a web page accessible by phone, tablet, and computer. This is where users can graph historical data and set up real-time alerts of field conditions.

Use Case: Frost Alert

Growing produce in cold temperate climate can be challenging with the risk of frost and freeze.  Making it even more of a moving target, each crop has different protective management techniques, could be in a different stage of development, and live in different microclimates. On a cold night, are you going to wake up every hour to walk the field and check the temperature near your vulnerable fruiting strawberries?  With Apitronics Bees deployed, you can check real-time environmental variables for the crops you care about from the comfort of your home on any phone, tablet, or computer. Even better, get text alerts on your phone when temperature goes outside a predefined range. Knowing your strawberries are at a min temp of 25 degrees F with wind speeds at 10 mph and 70% relative humidity can help you make smart management decisions and optimize irrigation rates to 0.20 inches per hour.  Intelligence like this can protect you from avoidable damage and potential loss of thousands of dollars.

As compared to other environmental monitoring platforms, Apitronics is committed to:

  •            Open-source
  •            Modular structure
  •            Easy wireless deployments
  •            Low-cost
  •            Outdoor durability
  •            Challenges specific to mid-sized farms and ranches

Our technology is developed in collaboration with farmers and researchers to assure continued relevance and practical feedback.

We’re calling it the internet of things for farming.

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