Our Story

Apitronics came to be through an exploration of the neglected intersection between agriculture and accessible electronics.

Louis was always curious where our food comes from. After college, he WWOOF’ed on an organic farm in Colorado. One July morning, he happened to check in on the hoop house when he was going from one field to another, only to be blasted by heat as he stepped in; someone had forgotten to roll up the side flaps that morning. If it wasn’t for this random check-up, thousands of dollars worth of tomatoes would’ve been cooked!

He asked the farmer why there was no alert system to help monitor the greenhouse’s temperature and was told nothing appropriate existed on the market.

From there, Louis began to explore how electronics could assist with challenges specific to sustainable agriculture. Though his involvement with FarmHack, he partnered with local farmers to pilot a sensor that could send a text alert when the temperature of a greenhouse fell outside the normal range. This proof of concept lay the groundwork for Apitronics, a technology platform for supporting the economic viability of sustainable agriculture.

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