Integrated Farm System

Nature Inspired Farming Technology

  • Why Apitronics?

    We think quantitative data can transform agriculture. We have the opportunity to turn a food system that damages our environment into one that restores ecosystems, from polluting water to growing clean water, from producing GHGs to sequestering carbon, from losing biodiversity to regenerating the life that teems within our soil. We improve what we measure.

    Today, mid-sized farmers often manage their farms without the support of quantitative data. Agriculture accounts for 70% of worldwide water use, while less than 10% of farms use sensors to make smart irrigation decisions, wasting precious resources and money.

    An environmental-data driven approach to agriculture can help farmers:

    • Protect investments by responding to real-time threats
    • Save money and resources by operating more efficiently
    • Save time by accessing farm data from anywhere you are (phone, tablet, and computer)
    • Optimize management based on microclimates
    • Accelerate learning
    • Share research and innovation
    • Engage your audience in new ways

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  • How Does It Work?

    Our sensors are capable of monitoring diverse environmental factors – such as temperature, moisture, and humidity – within a microclimate. They are connected to a central hub, where data is collected and displayed through a user interface.

    Our open platform was funded on Kickstarter:

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  • What is Apitronics?

    Apitronics is an open platform for farm data collection. Suited to the outdoors, our system of connected sensors helps farmers monitor environmental conditions, which allows them to make more informed management decisions. Inspired by natural systems, we like to think of our sensors as “bees” that direct information to a centralized “hive.” It is from this relationship that we take our name, Apitronics.

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